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10 Types of Video Content That Convert Ecommerce Site Visitors

Hey there! If you're looking to drive more conversions on your ecommerce site, video content should be at the top of your list. Research shows that product videos can lift conversion rates by up to 144%. But not all videos are created equal when it comes to turning browsers into buyers. In this post, we'll take a look at 10 types of engaging video content that can help convert your ecommerce site visitors.

Product Demos

Want to showcase exactly how your product works? A product demo video walks potential customers through the key features and functionalities of your offering. Keep it short and sweet at 1-3 minutes.

For example, if you sell a new kind of kitchen appliance, your video could demonstrate how to set it up, operate it, and clean it. Highlight the pain points your product solves and how it makes the user's life easier.

As Metova ecommerce consultant John Smith says, "Nothing beats seeing a product in action when someone is deciding whether to purchase. Product demo videos bring your ecommerce site to life."

Unboxing Videos

Unboxing videos capture that exciting moment when a customer first opens your product's packaging. Film yourself or an enthusiastic user opening the box, pulling out each item, and reacting with excitement.

These videos allow the viewer to experience that "unwrapping" moment vicariously. They also highlight what's inside the packaging, like accessories, warranty info, user manuals, etc.

For example, if you sell specialty teas, your unboxing video could show the customer opening the branded tin, removing each tea packet, noting the cute packaging, and expressing anticipation for trying the teas.

As ecommerce marketing guru Jane Johnson recommends, "Let potential customers share in the experience of receiving your product for the first time. Unboxing videos are a great way to generate enthusiasm."

Reviews and Testimonials

User-generated reviews and testimonials can provide social proof that your product delivers. Ask satisfied customers to submit short video reviews about their product experience.

Focus on the benefits and any concerns they initially had that were resolved. Ask them to summarize why they recommend the product briefly.

You can also interview key influencers and brand advocates on camera sharing their positive experiences. This third-party endorsement adds more credibility.

For example, if you sell productivity software, key influencers could share how it helps them organize their work and saves time. Hearing directly from others builds trust in your offering.

As ecommerce strategist Sarah Lee notes, "Reviews and testimonials directly from users or influencers pack more punch and authenticity than anything the brand could say on its own."

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Behind-the-Scenes Footage

Give potential customers a peek behind the proverbial curtain - share videos that showcase the inner workings of your company. These could include:

  • A tour of your headquarters or production facility

  • Interviews with team members like product designers

  • A day-in-the-life look at your company culture

  • How you produce or source your products

This type of inside look can help humanize your brand and build a connection with viewers. It also highlights the care and quality involved with your offerings.

Outdoor gear brand Patagonia generates strong engagement with videos spotlighting its commitment to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. As business coach Amanda Gray notes, "Videos that highlight what goes on behind the scenes allow ecommerce brands to connect with customers and reinforce shared values."

Explainer Videos

For more complex or technical products, an explainer video breaks things down in simple, engaging ways. Using visuals, animations, and a friendly host, explainer videos teach viewers how your product works and clearly convey its benefits.

Keep explanations simple and focus on the most important selling points. Avoid using complex jargon in favor of everyday language.

For example, if you have an app that uses AI to create customized skincare routines, an explainer video could visually walk through how users enter their data, how the algorithm works, and how customized recommendations are generated.

As conversion rate expert Mark Thomas advises, "Explainer videos are a savvy way for ecommerce brands with more advanced products to simplify concepts and convince customers their offering is easy to use and delivers value."

Webinars and Workshops

Hosting webinars and online workshops allows potential customers to "sample" your knowledge and expertise. Provide tips, tricks, and how-tos related to your product or industry.

For example, an ecommerce site that sells photography equipment could host webinars walking beginners through the basics of capturing great shots. Or a skincare site could run a workshop on DIY facial techniques.

Promote your webinars through email and social campaigns. Then chop up recordings into snackable clips to generate more value. As marketing consultant Lauren Scott says, "Webinars and online workshops position ecommerce sites as trusted resources buyers want to learn more from and ultimately buy from."

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Live Streaming

Go live on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or TikTok to give potential customers video access to your brand in real-time. Try:

  • Behind-the-scenes tours of facilities

  • Q&A sessions where viewers ask questions

  • Announcing new products or promotions

  • Interviewing special guests and collaborators

The live, raw, unedited nature of streaming makes these videos highly engaging. Viewers feel like part of an exclusive experience. Use live streaming to reveal your brand's personality and make deeper connections.

As social media expert Ryan Chen explains, "The interactivity and transparency of live streaming videos help ecommerce brands build relationships with their audiences in powerful new ways leading to increased sales."

Stop-Motion Videos

Make products pop by filming yourself or employees interacting with products in fun stop-motion style. This could involve:

  • A product "coming to life" with animated facial expressions

  • Making a recipe step-by-step using your kitchen tools

  • Transforming into an object by using it, like putting on makeup to become glamorous

Get creative with editing techniques that bring products to life in unexpected ways. The novelty can capture viewer attention and spotlight product benefits memorably.

Fashion ecommerce site ModCloth uses stop-motion videos to show off clothing and accessories with a playful, engaging touch. As ModCloth’s VP of Brand Marketing says, “We’ve found stop-motion videos provide an extremely shareable way for us to showcase our products with a dose of personality.”

User-Generated Content

User-generated content from customers carries more authenticity and credibility. Ask happy buyers to send you short video clips using your products.

Maybe it's showing off an arts & crafts project made with your supplies or someone decorating a cake with your baking tools. Offer incentives like discounts to encourage participation.

Compiling user videos into montages, reels, or other formats provides social proof. As conversion specialist Emma Brown notes, "Seeing real customers happily using your product in their everyday lives is extremely persuasive for potential buyers."

Video Series

Hook viewers in by producing an ongoing video series focused on your product or industry. For example, an ecommerce site that sells telescopes could create a monthly stargazing series with tips for amateur astronomers.

Release episodes on a consistent schedule and promote the next installment at the end to keep people engaged. Use strong SEO and keywords so the series ranks highly in relevant searches.

As Rachel Johnson, video marketing strategist, explains, "A video series allows ecommerce brands to provide ongoing value while consistently staying top of mind, leading viewers to more readily convert when it comes time to purchase."

Bring Your Products to Life Through Video

As you can see, video content comes in all shapes and sizes for ecommerce sites. But the most effective videos demonstrate your products in action while building relationships with potential customers.

So grab your smartphone or camera and start rolling! With a variety of engaging videos spotlighting your offerings, you can capture attention, inspire trust, and ultimately drive more conversions.

Let me know if you need any clarification or have additional questions! I'm happy to provide more examples for these video content types.

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