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7 Email Automation Funnels That Skyrocket Sales

Hey there! If you're anything like me, you know that email marketing is one of the most effective ways to connect with customers and drive sales. But crafting thoughtful, strategic email campaigns takes serious time and effort. That's where automation comes in handy!

In this post, I'll walk you through 7 turnkey email automation funnels that take the guesswork out of engaging your subscribers. These pre-made sequences are tailored for common ecommerce scenarios, saving you tons of work while skyrocketing your sales. So take a look at these proven templates and get ready to deploy some automation magic!


Introduction to Email Funnels

Before we dive in, let's quickly cover what exactly email funnels are if you're new to the concept. Simply put, an email funnel is a series of automatically triggered emails that guide subscribers through a journey with your brand.

For example, you could create a 5-day onboarding sequence to welcome and educate new subscribers. Or build an abandoned cart recovery funnel that nudges shoppers to complete their purchase. The options are endless!

Email funnels move contacts through strategic touchpoints, bringing them closer to a desired action like signing up, purchasing, or referring friends. And they do this without you manually sending each message. Pretty cool, right?

Now let's check out some plug-and-play funnel templates for taking your email marketing to the next level!

The Post-Purchase Funnel

Just because a customer has bought from you once doesn’t mean your job is done! Post-purchase follow up is crucial for customer retention and repeat sales. That’s where the post-purchase funnel comes in clutch.

Here’s a simple 3-email template you can implement:

  • Email #1: A thank you and receipt immediately after purchase

Say thanks and share order details like the shipment tracking link. This provides helpful information and builds goodwill.

  • Email #2: A feedback request 2 weeks later

Asking for reviews and feedback solidifies the customer relationship. It also generates UGC to display as social proof!

  • Email #3: A follow up promo 4 weeks later

Offer a re-engagement incentive like 15% off their next order. This nurtures continued purchases.

Setting up this post-purchase sequence keeps you top of mind long after the initial sale. Now that’s the kind of VIP treatment customers love to see!

The Abandoned Browse Funnel

You know what’s worse than an abandoned cart? When a customer looks at a product but doesn’t even make it to the checkout. Ouch!

Luckily, you can encourage these "abandoned browses" to reconsider with a quick follow up sequence. Here’s a 2-email template to try:

  • Email #1: A personalized nudge 1 day after browse Remind them what caught their eye and ask if they need any help completing the purchase. Don’t be pushy, just lend a hand!

  • Email #2: A discount 3 days after browse If they still haven’t bitten, offer a small discount like 10% off to sweeten the deal. Easy peasy!

With this set-it-and-forget-it funnel, you can turn window shoppers into paying customers with timely and relevant outreach. Cha-ching!

The Abandoned Cart Recovery Funnel

Speaking of abandoned carts, this common ecommerce occurrence can be a huge sales killer. But automated recovery funnels provide persistent (yet friendly) reminders to complete checkout.

Here’s a proven 3-part cart abandonment sequence:

  • Email #1: A personal nudge 2 hours after abandon Send a customized email asking if they need help finalizing their order. Early outreach works best!

  • Email #2: A reminder email 2 days later Recap their cart contents and gently remind them to finish up when they’re ready. Patience pays off.

  • Email #3: A last chance discount 5 days later Make a final offer like 20% off if they complete their cart in the next 24 hours. Gets 'em every time!

This template helps you strike the right balance between persistence and patience. Just set it and forget it - your abandoned cart recovery is on autopilot!

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The Browse Abandonment Reminder Funnel

Here’s another spin on abandoned outreach. This 3-part funnel is tailored to casual browsers who explore your site but leave empty-handed:

  • Email #1: A back-in-stock notification If a browsed product is out of inventory, let them know when it’s available again. They clearly want it!

  • Email #2: A personalized product recommendation Based on their browsing behavior, suggest a similar or related product available now. Keep their interest alive!

  • Email #3: An incentive to return Offer something enticing like free shipping or 15% off if they make a purchase from you soon. Get them back on site!

With this set of automated follow-ups, you can turn idle window shoppers into active customers. Now that’s the browsing experience people love to see!

The Cart Abandonment Re-Engagement Funnel

If someone abandons their cart completely, you may need to coax them back with an extended re-engagement sequence. Here’s a 5-email template:

  • Email #1: A quick post-abandonment nudge Send a friendly reminder almost immediately after they bail on their cart. The quicker, the better!

  • Email #2: A personalized product recommendation Based on their cart, suggest a complementary or higher-margin item. Upsell opportunities abound!

  • Email #3: An educational marketing email Share a blog post, eBook, or video related to their purchase. Useful content keeps you top of mind.

  • Email #4: A special discount offer Provide an exclusive coupon code or limited-time % off deal to incentivize a return visit. Sweeten the deal!

  • Email #5: Last chance discount reminder Let them know it’s the final opportunity to take advantage of the special offer before it expires. Act now!

Sometimes it takes multiple touches for abandoned visitors to convert. This extended sequence gives them the extra nudge they need while providing value along the way.

The Browse Abandonment Coupon Funnel

Here’s another tactic for re-engaging casual browsers who left your site empty-handed. The key is using compelling coupon codes:

  • Email #1: A personalized browse abandonment reminder Thank them for visiting and ask if they need help finding anything specific. Build goodwill!

  • Email #2: An exclusive sitewide coupon Offer something juicy like 20% off their entire order if they return within 1 week. Deals drive action!

  • Email #3: Category-specific couponSend a coupon for 15% off their browsed product category only. Dial-in your targeting.

  • Email #4: Free express shipping coupon Who can resist free speedy shipping? Give them free 2-day shipping to incentivize another purchase.

  • Email #5: Coupon recap + last chance Roundup all coupon codes and let them know it’s the final opportunity before they expire. Act fast!

With enticing coupon-centric outreach, you can turn window shoppers into buyers in no time. Cha-ching again!

The Product Waitlist Funnel

If you’re often out of stock on hot items, a product waitlist funnel does wonders for managing demand:

  • Email #1: Out of stock notification at checkout When someone tries to buy an out of stock item, have them join the waitlist to get notified of its return.

  • Email #2: Waitlist update email Send periodic updates on the item’s expected back-in-stock date based on inventory availability.

  • Email #3: In stock notification Notify waitlisted customers as soon as the item is available again. First come, first served!

  • Email #4: Purchase reminder coupon Include a special coupon or discount code for waitlisted customers to incentivize quick checkout.

This sequence turns high demand into pre-sale momentum. Plus, it makes customers feel valued by loopping them in. Smarts all around!

Level Up Your Email Marketing with Automation

Well there you have it - 7 turnkey email automation funnels to level up your marketing game. From post-purchase follow up to abandoned cart recovery and beyond, these templates help you engage customers in a more personalized, consistent and - dare I say - human way throughout their journey.

So what are you waiting for? Pick a sequence that fits your business needs, plug it into your email marketing platform, and watch the automation magic happen. Your future self will thank you once the sales start rolling in!

If you found this helpful, be sure to check out our blog for other email marketing tips, guides, and automation best practices. Here’s to more effective (and effortless!) subscriber engagement. Cheers!

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