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Advanced Shopify Marketing Tactics to 10X Your Sales

You’ve got your Shopify store up and running. You’ve got some great products listed. You’ve even driven a bit of organic traffic. But your sales still aren’t where you want them to be.

We've all been there. Driving consistent sales takes more than just setting up an ecommerce store and hoping customers show up. You need to master advanced marketing tactics to take your Shopify business to the next level.

In this post, we’ll explore actionable tips to 10X your Shopify sales using proven marketing strategies. From leveraging remarketing ads to SMS campaigns to reviews and loyalty programs, we’ve got you covered. Let's dive in and boost those profits!

Fine-Tune Your Remarketing Campaigns

If you’re not running remarketing ads yet, you’re missing out on massive opportunities to boost conversions. Remarketing (also called retargeting) allows you to advertise specifically to people who have already visited your website or engaged with your brand.

Since these visitors are already familiar with your products, remarketing helps you re-engage them when they’re ready to make a purchase. It’s up to 10x more effective than generic display ads for driving conversions.

When setting up your Shopify remarketing campaigns, make sure to:

  • Create detailed customer segments based on pages visited, items viewed, purchase history, and more. You can tailor your messaging effectively when you understand your audience.

  • Use dynamic ads that showcase specific products a visitor viewed. This triggers their memory and reminds them to finish the purchase.

  • Set up remarketing campaigns across multiple ad platforms like Facebook, Google, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Diversify your reach.

  • Test different creatives, offers, and ad copy against each other. The more you optimize, the more sales you’ll drive.

  • Offer a time-sensitive discount or incentivize repeat purchases for remarketed users. Sweeten the deal.

  • Follow up quickly after a site visit with engaging creatives. The sooner you get their attention back, the better.

With the right remarketing approach, you can pull abandoned visitors back into your sales funnel and drastically boost conversions.

Leverage SMS Marketing

SMS marketing is an extremely powerful way to engage customers, but surprisingly underutilized by ecommerce brands. With SMS open rates over 90% and fast delivery directly to mobile devices, it’s a channel you need to take advantage of.

Here are some ways to integrate SMS campaigns into your Shopify marketing:

  • Collect mobile numbers at checkout to build your subscriber list and gain consent. Offer a modest discount for signing up.

  • Send targeted alerts about back in stock inventory, upcoming sales, or personalized offers. Drive immediate action.

  • Use SMS to remind customers about items left in their cart. You can recover many abandoned carts this way.

  • Automate post-purchase follow up messages to encourage reviews and repeat purchases.

  • Keep customers in the loop on shipping and delivery with SMS status updates and tracking info.

  • Segment your list by purchase history, location, demographics. Tailor your messages accordingly.

  • Make signup easy by allowing customers to text a keyword to your SMS number. Promote this on packaging, receipts etc.

  • Test call-to-action copy, personalization and timing to make your messages as engaging as possible.

With a smart SMS strategy, you have an effective sales channel right at your fingertips. Time to start leveraging it!

Implement Email Popup and Slide-in Campaigns

Email popups and slide-ins are fantastic conversion boosters for any ecommerce store. These campaigns prompt site visitors to join your email list, often in exchange for an incentive like a discount code or coupon.

Popups and slide-ins are great because they catch your audience’s attention while they’re actively browsing products. The key is using them strategically without being overly aggressive.

Some best practices for Shopify popups and slide-ins:

  • Time triggers carefully based on page views and site behavior. Don’t immediately bombard visitors.

  • Make your incentives enticing - free shipping, first purchase discounts, exclusive offers all work.

  • Test different variations of copy, design and incentives. Measure engagement rates.

  • Use exit-intent technology to target people about to leave your site. Last chance to convert!

  • Segment your audience so repeat visitors see fewer popups. First-timers need more action triggers.

  • Ensure your forms are short and frictionless. Don’t ask for too much info upfront.

  • Prominently promote the incentive so visitors instantly recognize the value.

  • Use slide-in forms on mobile to avoid disrupting users. Popups often don’t convert well on mobile.

  • Include a clear call-to-action on your popups like “Join our VIP list now for 10% off!”.

Use this overlooked channel wisely, and you can rapidly grow your email list and subscriber engagement.

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Roll Out Loyalty and Referral Programs

Loyalty and referral programs are effective ways to increase repeat purchases and word-of-mouth advocacy. Shopify has great built-in tools like Shopify Rewards and Affiliate Marketing to help you get started.

Some tips for maximizing these programs:

  • Offer a signup incentive - Free shipping, discounts or exclusive gifts motivate signups. Promote it prominently.

  • Tier your rewards so customers earn progressively valuable perks over time. VIP status, free products and early access are great high-tier rewards.

  • Send triggered emails when customers qualify for the next reward tier or earn bonus points. Keep visibility high.

  • Run weekly/monthly double point promotions to accelerate engagement.

  • Highlight the program on packaging, receipts and order confirmation emails. Remind happy customers to join.

  • For affiliate programs, provide creatives like banners, promo codes and sample messaging to make it easy for referrers.

  • Show referrers metrics like clicks generated and reward status to keep them motivated.

  • Feature your top members and affiliates on your website to spur others to participate.

With compelling rewards that delight customers, you can drive recurring revenue and powerful word-of-mouth marketing. Don’t leave this opportunity on the table!

Automate Customer Review Requests

Product reviews and testimonials are crucial for building credibility with potential customers. But getting customers to leave quality reviews often requires some nurturing. That’s where review automation comes in.

Tools like Yotpo, Loox, and Stamped allow you to:

  • Automatically prompt customers to leave reviews after receiving orders.

  • Send follow up review requests via email and SMS to non-responders.

  • Reach back out to reviewers to get posts approved faster. Unpublished reviews help no one!

  • Analyze metrics on review volume, sentiment and attributes to optimize your products.

  • Display authentic reviews across your site and even in ads to boost conversions.

  • Reward customers for leaving reviews with discounts on future purchases.

  • Keep customers engaged with proactive outreach when you release improved products. Ask for updated feedback.

Soliciting customer feedback systematically is much more effective than passive review generation. And authentic positive reviews build the social proof that seals the deal for buyers.

Prioritize review collection and make sure you have a steady stream of feedback being published. Don’t make customers hunt for the review button!

Incorporate User-Generated Content

User-generated content (UGC) like real customer photos and videos is another powerful way to demonstrate product value. People relate more to real users just like them rather than polished brand photos.

Some tips for sourcing and leveraging UGC:

  • Ask satisfied customers directly for permission to use their social posts or submitted photos. Offer incentives for contributions.

  • Run user-generated content campaigns with a branded hashtag. Curate the best submissions for display.

  • Showcase UGC prominently in your product listings, website testimonials and ads. Refresh it continually.

  • If someone reviews a purchase positively, ask if they would share a photo to go with it.

  • Repurpose great UGC across your social channels to maximize value. Of course, with permission.

  • For physical products, send simple instructions for capturing great shots and getting good lighting. Make it easy for customers.

  • Balance authenticity with quality - don’t just take and show any photo you can get. Maintain your brand aesthetic.

  • Leverage video testimonials when possible to bring products to life. Ask customers to film quick videos on their phone.

You want prospects feeling like they’re hearing directly from real users of your products. So source UGC strategically and highlight it prominently throughout your marketing.

Encourage User-Generated Videos

Speaking of video, don’t overlook the power of user-generated videos. Platforms like YouTube, TikTok and Instagram have trained consumers to look for video content while researching purchases.

You can tap into this demand for authentic video in a few ways:

  • Reach out to micro-influencers in your niche to create reviews and demos of your products in action.

  • Run video contests for customers to creatively showcase your products - great for social engagement.

  • Give examples for simple no-edit videos customers can make on their phones and submit directly.

  • Incentivize quality contributions with discounts, prizes or by featuring their content.

  • Repurpose top videos all over - embed in product pages, share on social media, add to email campaigns and paid video ads.

  • Curate your best user videos into a “Customer Videos” section of your website for easy browsing.

  • Prompt for video submissions in post-purchase follow up emails. Catch customers when they’re excited about their items.

Compelling user-generated videos can be hugely persuasive for potential buyers. And they feel much more authentic and trustworthy than overly polished branded videos.

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Try Live Video Shopping

Live video commerce is an emerging trend that more ecommerce brands should tap into. Streaming shoppable live video on your site or social platforms is extremely engaging and drives strong conversion rates.

Some tips to get started:

  • Promote upcoming live shopping events across your marketing channels - email, social media, SMS etc. Build anticipation.

  • Offer special discounts or flash giveaways during your live streams to spike interest. Exclusivity sells.

  • Bring on special guests like influencers, brand founders and product experts for more entertaining live content.

  • Take audiences behind the scenes - chat from your office, introduce team members, offer a warehouse tour. Feel relatable and human.

  • Make it visually compelling - unbox products, demonstrate use cases, display outfits with different pairings. Bring your products to life.

  • Take live questions from viewers and offer real-time answers. Make it interactive.

  • Share replays across all your social media and link to shoppable products for extended value.

The up close and personal vibe of live video builds customer relationships fast. Use it to engage an audience early and often.

Improve Site Search and Navigation

Don’t underestimate how much your website’s information architecture impacts conversions. If customers can’t easily find and research your products, they’ll bail in frustration.

Take time to optimize key elements like:

  • Site search - Ensure your search engine is intelligent and returns relevant results. Add autocomplete and search recommendations.

  • Filtering and facets - Allow customers to filter product listings by attributes like size, color and other qualities.

  • Megamenu navigation - Group products intuitively under mega menu categories so customers can self-serve.

  • Link structure - Use descriptive URLs with keywords so pages are easy to browse directly. Avoid generic paths like

  • Internal search landing pages - Optimize pages for search queries like “mini fridge” so you rank for commercial buyer keywords.

  • Site architecture - Structure your site's pages and menus in a logical, hierarchical way that makes sense to users.

  • FAQ page - Address common customer questions proactively to guide research. Link to related products within FAQ answers.

  • Sitemaps - Submit XML sitemaps to search engines so all pages are indexed and discoverable.

With thoughtful information design and navigation, you remove needless friction from the research phase. And you know what that means – more customers flowing seamlessly into your checkout!

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Boost Conversions With Strategic Bundling

Product bundles allow you to boost order value by packaging related products together at a discounted price. Bundling works for all types of products - think a electronics kit, a set of cosmetics or a combo meal at a restaurant.

Some tips for creating bundles that convert:

  • Bundle your hero product with its most logical complements - batteries with electronics, brushes with makeup palettes etc. Make the pairing obvious.

  • Show how products in your bundle are greater than the sum of their parts. Demonstrate their enhanced value together.

  • Offer tiered bundle options - good/better/best packages at different price points. This helps upsell customers to higher bundles.

  • Display bundle discounts prominently - people love a deal. Just don’t exaggerate savings.

  • Make bundles eligible for existing promotions and coupons to sweeten the deal further.

  • Show dynamic bundles with a fixed main product and selectable addons. People love customization.

  • Re-offer previously purchased product bundles at a discount for repeat customers. Increase retention.

  • Test which complementary products drive the highest conversion together. Adjust your bundles accordingly.

With strategic bundling, you can increase order sizes, build loyalty and simplify the decision process for customers. Offer deals they can't refuse!

Boost Valuable Cross-Sells

Speaking of order size, cross-sells also have huge potential to drive sales if done right. Cross-sells appear when a customer has added items to their cart and present related or complementary add-ons.

Some examples of effective cross-sells:

  • Batteries and warranty offers at electronics checkout

  • Makeup remover with a foundation or eyeshadow purchase

  • A laptop case or mouse when a laptop is in the cart

  • Fries and a drink with a burger order

  • A cleaning kit with a musical instrument

To maximize your Shopify cross-sells:

  • Place them prominently above the main cart checkout button. Don’t hide them.

  • Limit to your top 2-3 logical cross-sells. Too many choices overwhelms customers.

  • Display cross-sells with relatable messaging like “Customers who bought this also bought...”.

  • Test cross-sells frequently - try different positions, products, messaging and visuals.

  • Offer cross-sells early in the purchase process on product pages, not just at checkout.

  • Make cross-sells dynamic based on cart contents vs. static one-size-fits-all suggestions.

  • Trigger cross-sells based on purchase history and customer attributes for greater personalization.

Cross-sells are a time-tested way to grow your average order value. Put them front and center with relevant, targeted suggestions.

The Sky's the Limit with Advanced Shopify Marketing

Mastering advanced Shopify marketing solutions will take your ecommerce business to the next level. You have endless options to engage customers across channels, gather data insights and optimize your sales process.

Start exploring proven tactics like remarketing, SMS, live video and customer reviews. Keep innovating with emerging formats like shoppable posts. And never stop testing and improving your funnel.

With the right omni-channel marketing stack and optimization mindset, the only limit is your imagination. You’ve got all the tools needed to 10X your Shopify sales. Now get out there and start leveraging them!

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