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Product Video Popups for eCommerce Site: How to Showcase Products and Encourage Clicks

You've got a great new product launching on your online store. You want to really showcase it to visitors and get them excited to click and make a purchase. One effective way to do this is by using product video popups on the product page.

These popups can highlight the product benefits and features in a dynamic, eye-catching way. When done right, they grab attention, provide key information, and motivate action. In this article, we'll explore some tips on creating compelling product video popups that convert.

Choose the Right Video Length

First, let's talk length. With product videos, shorter is usually better. According to research from Wistia, the optimal video length for product pages is under two minutes.

"Anything over two minutes led to a significant drop-off in viewership. But videos between 30 seconds and two minutes seemed to hit the sweet spot of providing enough information while keeping viewers engaged," says Chris Savage, CEO of Wistia.

A 30-90 second product video allows you to highlight the key selling points and unique benefits without overwhelming visitors. Bonus tip - rumors say even 6-15 second product teasers can work well when done creatively!

Pick the Right Moment for the Popup

Timing is everything when it comes to video popups. You generally want to display them when someone is actively engaged on your product page. But be careful not to show it immediately when they land on the page, or you risk annoying them.

According to marketing scientist Flint McGlaughlin, the highest conversion rates come from triggering the video around the 20-30 second mark after page load. This allows the visitor time to scan the page, but catches them before they click away.

"Popup videos are great for storytelling and engagement, but you need to time them right," says McGlaughlin. "Let visitors get oriented on the page so the video feels like a natural next step versus an interruption."

Craft Compelling Content

Now, let’s get into the video content itself. You want to highlight the product features and benefits that you know will resonate most with your audience. But do so in an engaging, story-driven way.

“Don’t just list product specs. Show the product in action through mini stories and scenarios,” advises visual content strategist Jenn Herman. “Paint a picture of how the customer will feel and what they'll experience using your product.”

Some elements to include:

  • Hero shot of the product

  • Key features shown up close

  • Quick demo or the product in action

  • Use cases and applications

  • Customer testimonials

  • Imagery of ideal customers using and benefiting from the product

Avoid long talking head product explanations. “Let the product be the star,” says Herman. “Have it front and center doing its thing as you demonstrate the benefits.”

Grab Attention with the First Frame

You only have a few seconds to grab visitors' attention before they click away. That's why it's crucial to have an impactful first frame in your video popup.

E-commerce experts recommend using eye-catching animation or bold text on a colored background to open your video. Get creative with shapes, motion and typography to pull viewers in.

For example, if you sell phone cases, your opening frame could display "Protect Your Phone in Style" in a bold, colorful font over a moving graphic of phones with fun cases.

"You want those initial 4-5 seconds to create intrigue before you show the product itself," explains online conversion specialist Steve Long. "Get their curiosity first, and they'll stick around to see what's next."

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Incorporate Clear Calls-to-Action

Once you've shown off your product, clearly tell viewers what you want them to do next. Add a strong call-to-action button or image overlay toward the end of the video.

"Reinforce the desire and make it easy for people to find the product on your site," says digital marketer Rohan Ayyar. "End by guiding them to that final click with a clear CTA."

Some examples of strong CTAs include:

  • Shop This Product

  • Get Yours Today

  • Start Your Free Trial

  • See More Colors

  • Add to Cart

The CTA should stand out visually and use urgent, action-oriented language. This propels viewers to click straight from the video popup to your desired goal.

According to conversion rate expert Liraz Margalit, product video popups can increase conversion rates by over 20% when done right. But the CTA is key.

"You must ask for the click or you won't get it," stresses Margalit. "End your video with a compelling call to the desired action."

Optimize for Mobile

With over 60% of online shopping done on mobile devices, it's essential to optimize your video popups for mobile users.

Make sure the popup is responsive so it displays well on any screen size. The video itself should also be short and lightweight so it loads fast even on slower connections.

Conversion expert Neil Patel suggests keeping mobile product videos under 30 seconds and 1 minute max. You want visitors to quickly get the gist of your product without sacrificing data or patience waiting for a long video to load.

Patel also recommends displaying your CTA buttons nice and big for easy mobile taps. Don’t make mobile viewers squint or struggle to take action.

Test and Refine Your Approach

Like any marketing tactic, expect to test and iterate as you refine your video popup strategy. Track conversion rates from the videos using tools like Google Analytics. Then tweak elements like popup timing, length, CTAs and more to maximize results.

“Keep optimizing until you find the video popup formula that really resonates with your customers,” says conversion consultant Ash Read. “The right video can become a pivotal tool for showcasing products in your online store.”

So consider testing out product video popups on your next online store product launch. When crafted thoughtfully, they can highlight your product in an engaging way while inspiring action and conversions. Just stay focused on creating viewer value above all else.

“Make your video genuinely useful and it will pay off,” promises digital marketer Neil Lassen. “Stick to practical benefits, resist hype, and keep the viewer’s real needs in mind.”

Do that, and your product videos will be primed to turn site visitors into enthusiastic customers.

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