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The #1 Key to Doubling Your Average Order Value Overnight

You’ve built an amazing online store. You’ve got great products that customers love. But when you look at the stats, you just aren’t seeing the average order values you expected.

We’ve all been there before. While getting people in the door is important, you need to focus on getting more out of each sale as well. The good news? There are some simple but powerful tweaks you can make to double your average order value, practically overnight.

In this post, we’ll explore easy ways to increase order value through upsells, cross-sells, and packaged deals. Implement even one or two of these strategies, and watch those order values take off.


Offer Upsells After the Primary Purchase

You likely already have a primary product or service that makes up the bulk of your sales. Once a customer has decided on that core purchase, that decision momentum can work in your favor.

Take advantage of the buyer’s mindset by offering an upsell immediately after they make the original purchase. For example, point out how purchasing the premium version of the product or adding on a warranty can improve their purchase.

Depending on your business, effective upsell offers might include:

  • A priority shipping option for faster delivery

  • A deluxe version with additional features or accessories

  • A protection plan or extended warranty for added peace of mind

  • A subscription option for periodic replenishment

The key is keeping these upsell offers focused on improving the original purchase in some way. Make it clear how the add-on will make their experience even better.

Complementary Products During Checkout

Suggest Complementary Products During Checkout

Cross-sells present a great opportunity to boost order value, by recommending products or services that complement the shopper’s original purchase.

For example, if someone is buying a new laptop, you might suggest accessories like a laptop bag, printer, or external hard drive. If they’re buying baking ingredients, prompt them to grab some new cookware as well.

Display cross-sell offers prominently on your checkout page, product pages, or order confirmation page. You can even have your sales team make cross-sell recommendations during phone orders.

Sometimes cross-selling is as simple as bundling together products that tend to sell well as a package. Think razors and shaving cream or popcorn and candy at the movies. Force the bundle on customers and watch your average order value skyrocket.

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Bundled Products

Offer Bundled Products or Package Deals

Beyond combining a few complementary products, think about pre-packaging products together into bundles or package deals. This makes it super easy for customers to purchase multiple items at once.

When products are bundled together, customers are more likely to buy more, since you’ve done the legwork to show what products go well together. Sold together at a package price, they deliver immense value as well.

Some examples of effective bundling include:

  • A makeup kit with eyeshadow, mascara, lipstick, and brushes.

  • A grilling package with meat, sauces, tools, and apron.

  • A pet bundle with food, treats, toys, and accessories.

  • A cleaning package with vacuum, mop, dusters, and cleaning solutions.

You can offer bundles like these permanently as standalone products. Or promote them for a limited time as a package deal or value kit. Adding a discount or bonus product to the bundle sweetens the deal even more.

If you sell mainly digital products, you can still bundle eBooks, online courses, or membership programs together at a packaged price. Get creative with products customers are likely to want together.

Raise Prices for a Tiered Buying Experience

Raise Prices for a Tiered Buying Experience

Beyond bundling products together, you can encourage bigger purchases by separating options into tiers. Offer a “Good” package, then a “Better” and “Best” upgrade.

This tiered pricing taps into people’s tendency to gravitate towards the middle option as the best value. For example, a DIY website builder tool might have three pricing tiers with increasing features. Most buyers will skip the Basic plan and go straight to the Professional or Premium plan for the best bang for their buck.

Even if you don’t structure your products into explicit tiers, you can encourage larger purchases simply by raising your prices across the board. Be sure to emphasize the additional value customers are getting for the higher price. Adding new features, benefits, or services helps justify the increased price tag.

While a large order value jump may seem unlikely, you'd be surprised what a few small tweaks can do.

Start testing out these tactics, and you'll be on your way to doubling your order values virtually overnight!

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