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The 10 Best Product Description Formulas to Boost Ecommerce Sales

Hey there! If you're reading this, chances are you want to write killer product descriptions that convince more customers to buy from your ecommerce store. We feel your pain - coming up with creative yet effective ways to hype up products is no easy feat. But take a deep breath and get ready to take some notes, because we're sharing 10 of the most proven product description formulas that are guaranteed to transform your copy and boost those sales.

Let's dive right in!

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Formula #1: Start With a Captivating Title

Your product title is the first thing customers see, so make it count! The title should quickly convey what the product is and highlight its most compelling benefit or feature. Here are some title formulas that work:

  • [Key benefit] + [Product name] Ex: Ultra-Cozy Sherpa Pullover

  • [Product name] + [Descriptive phrase] Ex: Sherpa Pullover - Cozier Than Your Boyfriend's Hug

  • [Descriptor] + [Product name] Ex: The Softest Sherpa Pullover We've Ever Made

As you can see, these title templates clearly describe what the product is while adding intrigue. Short, sweet, and descriptive titles that highlight your products’ uniqueness work best.

Formula #2: Start Your Description With a Powerful Opening Line

The opening line is your chance to grab the reader's attention right off the bat. You want to highlight the product’s most compelling benefit or feature in a way that feels exciting. Some openings that work:

  • “Never experience [problem] again with [product]!” Ex: Never wrestle with wine bottles again with the Twisty Corkscrew!

  • “Introducing the [product] - the [benefit/solution] you’ve been waiting for.” Ex: Introducing the Twisty Corkscrew - the effortless wine opener you’ve been waiting for!

  • “Say goodbye to [pain point] and hello to [product]!” Ex: Say goodbye to sore hands and hello to the Twisty Corkscrew!

As you can see, starting with a powerful promise captures the reader’s attention and quickly explains what your product does. Punchy, benefit-focused openings differentiate your product and get customers excited to keep reading.

Formula #3: Describe Key Features and Benefits

After grabbing their attention, you need to educate customers on what exactly your product is and does for them. This usually takes 2-4 sentences where you call out the key features and map those to customer benefits. For example:

The Twisty Corkscrew features an ergonomic, twist-grip handle and spiral stainless steel worm that effortlessly removes corks in seconds. No more hand cramps or broken corks! The patented worm design latches securely onto any cork for a perfect pop every time. Say goodbye to broken cork pieces ruining your wine.

Walk through each noteworthy feature, imagining how they’ll be used, and explain how they translate into benefits for the customer. Focus on points of differentiation from competitors. The goal is to prove why your product is so special!

Formula #4: Add Sensory Details

Ecommerce is a visual medium, so don’t just tell customers about your product - show them! Adding sensory details allows them to imagine what it looks, feels, smells, or sounds like. Work in description like:

  • The buttery soft leather slides right onto your foot like a dream.

  • The citrus and lavender essential oils give your home a fresh, calming scent.

  • The cold stainless steel feels sturdy and smooth in your hand.

  • The corduroy fabric has a rich texture you can’t stop running your fingers over.

Vivid sensory details like these pull the product to life in a customer’s mind. Help them imagine themselves experiencing your product with their five senses.

Formula #5: Hit Pain Points

No buyer wakes up wanting to make a purchase just for fun - they buy solutions for needs and pains. Good product copy reflects the buyer’s pain points and proves the product fixes them. Call out things like:

  • Are you tired of cheap corkscrews breaking on you? Meet your new best friend...

  • Frustrated by losing your keys all the time? Not anymore with our clever KeySmart system...

When you demonstrate you understand a buyer’s frustrations, it builds trust and empathy. Making their lives easier is what the product is all about!

Formula #6: Provide Social Proof

Peer recommendations and testimonials go a long way in convincing hesitant buyers. Back up your claims by weaving in social proof like:

  • Rated 5 stars by over 1,000 happy customers!

  • Mary S. says “This cookware set made meal prep so easy. I can’t live without it!”

  • Voted “Most Innovative Gadget of 2022” by New York Times

By spotlighting credible sources that vouch for your product, you tap into the persuasive power of social validation.

Formula #7: Include Specs and Technical Details

While benefits matter most, many shoppers like to see the nitty gritty specs and materials too. Break up your description by inserting a few technical details like:

  • Fits wine bottles up to 1.5” diameter

  • Includes 2 stainless steel clamps, 1 wingspan wrench, and 1 steel screw

  • Clinically tested and approved

  • 100% genuine Italian leather

Relevant specs assure more technical buyers of the product’s quality and functionality. But be selective - only highlight details that matter to how a customer will use the product.

Formula #8: Provide Usage Scenarios

Paint a picture of the product fitting seamlessly into the buyer’s lifestyle. For example:

  • Light up your patio with mood lighting for the perfect summer dinner party.

  • Take your music on the go - these portable speakers pump sound for up to 12 hours!

  • Give your sirloin the gourmet treatment with Michelin Star restaurant-worthy grill marks.

These mini stories help buyers visualize enjoying your product. Make it easy for them to imagine the ways they’d use it in daily life.

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Formula #9: Add Value Through Bonuses

Sweeten the deal by highlighting free add-ons and bonuses included with the product:

  • Each candle comes with a complimentary set of candle snuffers and wick trimmers.

  • This smart doorbell ships with 3 interchangeable faceplates to match your home's exterior.

  • Get the pet food auto-shipper free when purchasing a year's supply of dog food!

The more bundled value you can offer, the better the deal seems. Bonuses make customers feel like they’re getting extra bang for their buck.

Formula #10: Close With a Clear CTA

Lastly, seal the deal with a solid call-to-action reminder. Close your description with action steps like:

  • Ready to unwind? Add this diffuser to your cart now!

  • Get grilling gourmet with the SmartSmoker 3000. Buy now!

  • Stop losing keys for good. Get our KeySmart system today!

Ending on a clear CTA encourages shoppers to stop procrastinating and act fast. These actionable final words could be the nudge a wavering buyer needs.

Pulling It All Together: A Model Product Description

Let’s see how a sample product description might incorporate our formulas:

Relieve Neck Pain On The Go With The Travelmate Pillow

Sore necks and restless nights will be a thing of the past with the Travelmate Pillow. This ergonomic U-shaped travel pillow provides luxurious cushioning and support whether you’re on the road or stuck in a waiting room.

The plush memory foam molds perfectly to the contours of your neck, while the silky-soft microfiber cover feels like a cloud cradling your head. The clever hood design allows you to relax hands-free without your head bobbing. We’ve also added an adjustable drawstring and snap closure to ensure a secure, customized fit. No more waking up with a crick in your neck!

Rated 5 stars by over 500 travelers, the Travelmate Pillow ensures you arrive refreshed and ready for anything. As Christine P. raves, “This pillow made traveling so much easier. I actually slept soundly on my redeye flight!”

Lightweight and portable, throw it in your bag and enjoy superior comfort wherever you roam. It also makes the perfect gift for frequent flyer friends and family.


  • 100% microfiber cover

  • 18 x 12 x 8 inches

  • Adjustable hood closure

  • Machine washable

Your days of travel neck pain are over. Pick up the Travelmate Pillow and travel in total comfort! Add to cart today.

This example gives readers a peak into the product’s features and benefits while telling a cohesive story that flows from start to finish. It hits all the key elements like an attention-grabbing headline, vivid details, customer pain points, social proof, and a clear CTA - everything you need to turn product browsers into excited buyers.

The Takeaway

Woohoo - you made it! By now you should have plenty of product description inspiration to try out on your own ecommerce site. Just remember these key formula building blocks:

  • Lead with an intriguing title and opening hook

  • Map features to benefits

  • Bring the product to life with sensory details

  • Tap into customer pain points

  • Back up claims with social proof

  • Include relevant specs and details

  • Paint usage scenarios

  • Highlight included bonuses

  • Close with a clear call-to-action

Keep experimenting with these templates and formulas, making each product description distinctly your brand’s voice. If you ever get stuck, come back and reread this article for fresh ideas. Soon you’ll be writing product descriptions that sell in your sleep!

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