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The Wolf of Ecom: 44 Clever Tactics to Grow Your Ecommerce Store

Hey there! Welcome to the jungle - the wild, wonderful world of ecommerce. You’re here because you want to grow your online store and boost those sales, right? Well, you’ve come to the right place.

In this epic guide, I’m going to show you 44 savvy ecommerce marketing tactics that’ll help take your store to the next level. From driving more traffic to converting visitors into customers, I’ve got you covered. These are the same strategies I’ve used to help dozens of store owners like you increase their revenue and stand out from the pack.

So get ready to howl with excitement (see what I did there?), because we’re about to unlock a treasure trove of actionable tips to grow your store. The growth hacks you’re about to discover can give your ecommerce biz the bite and tenacity of a wolf stalking its prey. Grr!

Here’s a quick overview of what I’ll cover:

- Driving Targeted Traffic to Your Store

- Creating Compelling Content

- Optimizing Your Website

- Beefing Up Your Email Marketing

- Crafting Winning Social Media Posts

- Building Customer Loyalty & Reviews

- Analyzing Data to Improve Results

- Promotions, Partnerships & Paid Ads

- Conversion Optimization Tricks

- Retention Strategies to Reduce Churn

- Plus Summaries for Each Section

Let’s get started with some primal ecommerce growth tactics to sink your teeth into...

Driving Targeted Traffic to Your Store

More traffic = more potential customers. But not just any traffic will do. To grow your business, you need targeted visitors who are likely to buy from your store. Here are 12 ways to attract your ideal audience and get them howling their way to your site:

Create Detailed Buyer Personas

Before driving traffic, get clear on who your ideal customers are. Create detailed buyer personas that include demographics, behaviors, motivations and pain points. This will help you tailor messaging and reach the right people. Pro tip: Interview past customers to build accurate personas!

Leverage SEO to Get Found

SEO is essential for bringing in targeted searchers from Google. Optimizing your product pages and blog for keywords your audience searches helps you rank high and get found. Pro tip: Use Google’s Keyword Planner to discover new relevant keywords.

Promote Your Brand on Industry Forums

Join industry forums like Reddit, Quora and Facebook Groups where your target audience hangs out. Share your expertise and highlight your brand without being salesy. Pro tip: Engage regularly and build relationships first.

Run Retargeting Ads

Retargeting (or remarketing) ads follow visitors who left your site around the web. This brings abandoning visitors back to complete purchases. Pro tip: Customize ads for each stage of the sales funnel.

Partner With Influencers in Your Niche

Influencer marketing expands your reach by leveraging others’ audiences. Partner with nano or micro influencers in your industry to drive targeted traffic. Pro tip: Require influencers share metrics proving their audience matches yours.

Guest Blog on Relevant Sites

Reaching out to write guest posts for blogs in your niche helps drive targeted new visitors. Link back to your store and convert readers into customers. Pro tip: Stick to authoritative sites related to your ecommerce store.

Start a Podcast

Launching your own podcast allows you to reach and appeal to your target audience. Promote your show and your products to listeners. Pro tip: Repurpose podcast content into blog posts too.

Run Giveaways and Contests

Giveaways are hugely popular and help you grow your email list with targeted leads. Require email signup to enter and promote contests on social media. Pro tip: Partner with brands in your niche to offer prizing.

Use Lead Magnets

Offer free, valuable “lead magnets” like an ebook, toolkit or checklist in exchange for emails. Draw in high-quality leads you can convert later. Pro tip: Segment your list based on lead magnet selected.

Network at Local Events

Attending local industry events puts you face-to-face with potential customers in your area. Bring business cards and be ready to connect. Pro tip: Choose events that align closely with your brand.

Join Local Business Associations

Getting involved with local business associations and chambers of commerce expands your community reach. You’ll meet local business owners who could become partners and brand evangelists!

Advertise on Targeted Facebook & Instagram

Facebook and Instagram ads allow you to target users by location, interests, behaviors and more. Laser focus your ads to reach people likely to buy. Pro tip: Split test different audiences to see which converts best.

And that’s a dozen ways to drive more of the right traffic to your online storefront! Now let’s talk about crafting compelling content to convert those visitors into customers...

Creating Compelling Content

Content is king in ecommerce. Quality blog posts, videos, guides and other content drive traffic, boost SEO and position you as an authority. Here are 10 tips for creating engaging content that sells:

Research Keyword Opportunities

Use keyword research to find topics and questions your target customers are interested in. Create content that answers those queries and converts searchers.

Optimize for SEO

Follow on-page SEO best practices when publishing content. Include target keywords, meta descriptions, alt text, headings and backlinks. This amplifies your organic reach.

Share Valuable “How To” Guides

Create guides that teach your audience how to use your product or solve a problem related to your niche. Position yourself as an expert resource.

Give Sneak Peeks with Product Videos

Short videos showing your products in action help shoppers evaluate items before purchasing. Include key features, benefits and aesthetics.

Post “Listicle” Blog Articles

Lists and roundups are highly engaging article formats. The scannable format appeals to readers pressed for time.

Infographics Make Complex Topics Digestible

Turn complex topics into easily digestible visual infographics. They’re easy to share on social media and link to your site.

Publish Case Studies

Real customer success stories in case study format build trust and social proof. Get testimonials and specific details from happy clients.

Curate High-Quality User-Generated Content

Repost great user photos of your products. This authentic UGC is more powerful than polished brand photos alone.

Interview Industry Experts on Your Blog

Thought leader interviews lend credibility and provide valuable insider tips for your audience. Feature experts in your niche.

Optimize Site Content for Voice Search

Voice search usage is rising. Optimize site content for voice queries with natural language and conversational wording.

Keep these content tips in mind as you plan new website pages, blog posts, videos and visuals. Now let’s dive into optimizing your online store itself to convert more of those visitors into customers...

Optimizing Your Ecommerce Website

Driving traffic to your site is only half the battle. You also need compelling product pages, easy navigation and a seamless buying process to turn visitors into paying customers. These conversion-focused ecommerce tips will maximize sales:

Improve Page Load Speed

Fast page speed keeps visitors from bouncing. Compress images, minimize HTTP requests, and use a caching plugin to accelerate load times.

Declutter Your Site Design

Remove unnecessary distractions and simplify your site design to highlight products and calls-to-action. Less is more.

Strengthen Your Brand Messaging

Clearly communicate your brand story, mission and differentiators across all pages. Repeat key messages to boost branding.

Show Real-Time Social Proof

Display dynamic notifications of recent orders, reviews and social shares. This social proof builds trust and urgency to buy.

Make Mobile Optimization a Priority

With mobile traffic rising, ensure your site is optimized for smartphones and tablets. Avoid tiny text, display important info above the fold.

Simplify Checkout with Fewer Form Fields

The fewer form fields at checkout, the better. Remove non-essential fields to reduce shopping cart abandonment.

Offer Guest Checkout

Allowing guest checkout removes friction of requiring account creation. Shoppers can check out quickly with just an email.

Show Product Suggestions

Product recommendations based on purchase history or browsing boost incremental sales. Show them on cart and checkout pages.

Allow Orders Via Chat or SMS

Meeting customers on platforms they use, like SMS and live chat, provides a seamless buying experience.

Test Pop-ups Strategically

Exit intent pop-ups can capture abandoning visitors. Just be careful not to overdo it. Continually test pop-ups to find the right solution.

With the right site optimization, you can turn those newly driven visitors into loyal, lifelong customers. Speaking of retention, let's look at some email marketing techniques to keep shoppers engaged...

Beefing Up Your Email Marketing

Email is one of the highest converting marketing channels. Use it to nurture leads, promote products, recover cart abandoners and retain customers long-term. Here are 8 smart email moves:

Send New Subscriber Welcome Emails

Welcome new email subscribers with signup confirmation and a discount to incentivize their first purchase. Start the relationship right.

Create Email Sequences

Automated email sequences deliver a series of targeted messages over time. Use them to onboard customers, promote new arrivals, and more.

Offer Abandoned Cart Discounts

Win back customers who left items in their carts by emailing a discount code. Time it right and keep it personalized.

Segment Your List

Divide your list into segments like new subscribers, repeat customers and lapsed shoppers. Send content tailored to each.

Make Mobile-Friendly, Scannable Emails

With more email opened on mobile, create mobile-optimized emails with clear hierarchies for quick scanning.

Test Different Calls-to-Action

Always A/B test email CTA copy and design. Changing “Shop now” to “Browse new arrivals” could increase clicks.

Evaluate Email Performance

Use open and click-through rates to see what resonates. Discontinue underperforming emails to maximize results.

Leverage User-Generated Content

Ask satisfied customers to submit photos for emails and social shares. Their authentic content outperforms stock.

Email is one of the most cost-effective ways to nourish customer relationships, drive repeat business and more. Now let’s look at crafting winning social media posts...

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Crafting Winning Social Media Posts

Your ecommerce business should absolutely have an active presence on social media. But simply posting product photos with links won’t grow your following and engagement. Here are 10 creative ways to make winning social posts:

Post Educational Content

Share tutorials, how-tos, and other educational content related to your niche. Position yourself as an expert resource.

Give Behind-the-Scenes Glimpses

Bring followers into your brand story with behind-the-scenes looks at products, employees, events, etc. Builds authenticity.

Spotlight User-Generated Content

Reshare great user photos of your products in action. This authentic content outperforms polished brand imagery.

Run Engaging Contests and Giveaways

Contests give you a big short-term boost in engagement. Require followers to like, comment or tag for entry.

Demonstrate Products in Action

Post fun videos using your products. This shows real functionality beyond lifeless product shots.

Ask Thought-Provoking Questions

Spark meaningful conversation with open-ended questions related to your brand or audience interests.

Share Curated Content from Others

Mix in reposts of non-promotional content from industry experts, partners and influencers.

Leverage Shoppable Posts

Instagram and Pinterest posts can include shoppable tags people click to browse featured products.

Post Discounts and Deals

Offering exclusive social media discounts incentivizes follows and registrations. Just don’t make it too promotional.

Showcase Customer Reviews and Testimonials

Sprinkle in positive social proof like customer reviews. Reviews build trust and nudge people closer to purchasing.

The social media game keeps evolving, but these strategies will serve you well across platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and even TikTok. Speaking of customers, let's look at some tactics to keep them coming back...

Building Customer Loyalty and Reviews

It’s five times more expensive to acquire new customers than retain existing ones. Foster loyalty and generate powerful reviews with these repeat business-building tactics:

Offer Free Shipping at a Low Threshold

Entice repeat purchases by offering free shipping at a relatively low order value like $35. Eliminate a deterrent.

Provide Exceptional Customer Service

Go above and beyond resolving issues to “wow” customers. This earns loyalty and positive word-of-mouth.

Implement Loyalty & Rewards Programs

Loyalty programs incentivize repeat purchases with points, discounts and freebies. Make joining and redeeming easy.

Gamify Engagement Opportunities

Gamification techniques like points and levels make engaging with your brand irresistibly fun. Offer rewards.

Launch a User Community or Forum

Communities build a sense of belonging between customers, brand and product. This strengthens retention.

Send Handwritten ‘Thank You’ Notes

Mailing handwritten thank you notes shows customers you value them. Small touch with big impact.

Ask for Reviews Via Email and On-Site

Don’t be afraid to ask satisfied customers for reviews via email or website prompts. This generates social proof.

Partner With Review Sites Like Yotpo

Make leaving reviews easy by integrating a system like Yotpo. This makes collecting and showcasing reviews a breeze.

Retaining and delighting customers pays off enormously in the long run. Now let’s see how you can learn from those customers by digging into analytics...

Analyzing Data to Improve Results

Stats and analytics provide the insights you need to improve results across marketing, traffic, conversion and more. Here are 8 ways to tap into the power of data:

Review Google Analytics Traffic Reports

Dive into Acquisition reports to see which channels drive the most visits, conversions and sales value. Spot opportunities.

Analyze Site Search Report

See what users search for on your site. Optimizing for these queries improves on-site experience and conversions.

Install Heatmaps like HotJar or CrazyEgg

Heatmaps show where users click and scroll on each page. Reveals opportunities to adjust calls-to-action.

Monitor Social Analytics

Study metrics like best posting times, top-performing content and engagement rates. Apply lessons learned going forward.

Setup Ecommerce Tracking

Understand shopping behavior by tracking key retail metrics like add-to-cart rate, average order value and more.

Review Sales Reports

Sales reports show you top-selling products, customer cohorts and metrics over time. Make data-driven decisions.

Check Email Marketing Analytics

Opens, CTR, conversions, etc provide insights for improving email content, design, timing and segmentation.

Conduct Conversion Rate Optimization Tests

A/B test changes to headlines, pricing, images, etc to increase conversion rates based on data.

Implementing a data-driven approach takes the guesswork out of optimizing your ecommerce store. Now for the fun part - promotions, partnerships and advertising!

Promotions, Partnerships and Paid Ads

Time to talk tactics to temporarily boost traffic, sales and exposure through promotions, collaborations and advertising.

Offer Limited-Time Discounts

Limited-time promotions create urgency and incentives to buy NOW. Just ensure profit margins remain healthy.

Give Away Free Samples

Help prospective customers try before they buy by offering free samples of your products. Gets the product in their hands.

Bundle Products to Increase AOV

Offer discounted bundles that complement one another. This boosts average order value.

Partner With Similar Brands

Co-promote through guest blogs, co-branded content, giveaways, etc. Expand reach with partners.

Piggyback on Holidays or Events

Capitalize on seasonal holidays, cultural events and awareness days. Tailor promotions and content accordingly.

Run Retargeting Ads

Remarket to past visitors across the web via Facebook, Google and other networks. Stay top of mind until they’re ready to buy.

Test Facebook and Instagram Ads

Reach hyper-targeted audiences on a budget via precise social ad targeting. Start small to find winning products and creatives.

Try Amazon Marketing Services

AMS ads help you capture shoppers on Amazon searching for related products. Worth testing.

The temporary spike provided by promotions and paid ads helps attract new eyeballs. Let’s look at more evergreen tactics for optimizing conversion rates...

Conversion Optimization Tricks

Little tweaks to your site and checkout process can have an outsized impact on conversions. Test these CRO tips:

Highlight Testimonials and Reviews

Sprinkle prominent testimonials and reviews across site to overcome objections and build trust at each stage.

Make Frequently Bought Together Suggestions

If data shows certain products are commonly purchased together, bundle them in suggestions to boost AOV.

Include Size and Fit Information

Reduce returns by displaying size charts and fit descriptions so shoppers buy the right product the first time.

Add a Countdown Timer to Offers

Scarcity and urgency work. Try adding a countdown clock to limited-time offers or sales.

Reduce Risk with Guarantees and Free Returns

Ease purchase doubts by offering satisfaction guarantees, extended return windows, and free returns.

Prioritize High-Conversion Pages in Navigation

Make sure navigation menus and site architecture make it easy to find high-converting pages. Remove poor performers.

Feature Complementary Products

Suggest add-ons like accessories that improve the main product experience. Gentle upsell opportunities.

Only Show Product Variations In Stock

If a certain size or color isn’t available, simply don’t display it. Reduces dead ends and confusion.

Conversion optimization is an ongoing process of refinement. To ensure those conversions turn into loyal lifelong customers, focus on retention next...

Retention Strategies to Reduce Churn

The longer you keep a customer, the more revenue you earn over their lifetime. Reduce churn with these retention tactics:

Offer Exclusive Perks for Loyalty Members

Give loyalty program members access to special offers, early sales, and members-only content. Make it rewarding.

Provide Exceptional Post-Purchase Experience

Follow up after a purchase to answer questions and ensure 100% satisfaction. Quickly resolve any issues.

Use Email and Push Reminders to Re-Engage

If customers haven’t purchased lately, remind them about you with personalized emails and push notifications.

Offer Referral Programs

Encourage referrals by rewarding customers for telling friends about your brand. This taps satisfied buyers to promote you.

Send Replenishment Emails

If subscribers haven’t bought certain consumable products recently, prompt them to replenish those items soon.

Surprise and Delight

Send unexpected gifts or personalized offers to delight loyal customers. Small gestures go a long way.

Ask for Feedback

Solicit customer input through surveys, reviews and conversations. People appreciate being heard and you gain insights.

Highlight Users and Their Creations

Feature happy customers using your products on social media and in marketing content. Spotlight how they uniquely use them.

Reducing churn keeps profits up and costs of acquisition down. Now let’s recap each chapter with a quick summary:

Chapter Summaries

Here's a high-level recap of all the growth tactics covered:

Driving Targeted Traffic:

- Create buyer personas

- Use SEO to rank high in search

- Promote on industry forums

- Run retargeting ads

- Partner with influencers

- Guest post on authority sites

- Start a podcast

- Giveaways & contests

- Offer lead magnets

- Attend local events

- Join local business associations

- Facebook & Instagram ads

Creating Compelling Content:

- Keyword research

- On-page SEO

- “How To” guides

- Product videos

- Listicle articles

- Infographics

- Case studies

- User generated content

- Industry expert interviews

- Voice search optimization

Optimizing Your Website:

- Improve page speed

- Decluttered design

- Strengthen branding

- Social proof notifications

- Mobile optimization

- Fewer checkout fields

- Guest checkout options

- Product recommendations

- Chat and SMS ordering

- Strategic pop-up tests

Email Marketing Strategies:

- Welcome emails

- Sequences

- Abandoned cart discounts

- List segmentation

- Mobile optimization

- CTA testing

- Performance tracking

- User-generated content

Social Media Tactics:

- Educational content

- Behind-the-scenes

- User generated content

- Contests and giveaways

- Product videos

- Ask questions

- Curated content

- Shoppable posts

- Deals and discounts

- Testimonials and reviews

Building Customer Loyalty:

- Free shipping threshold

- Amazing customer service

- Loyalty programs

- Gamification

- Online community

- Handwritten notes

- Review requests

- Reviews integration

Analyzing Data:

- Traffic source reports

- Site search analysis

- Heatmaps

- Social analytics

- Sales reports

- Email marketing analytics

- A/B testing

Promotions, Partnerships & Ads:

- Limited-time discounts

- Free samples

- Bundled offerings

- Co-marketing partnerships

- Holiday promotions

- Retargeting ads

- Social media ads

- Amazon Ads

Conversion Optimization:

- Testimonials

- Recommended bundles

- Size guides

- Countdown timer

- Risk reversal

- High-traffic navigation

- Complementary products

- Hide out of stock

Retention Strategies:

- Loyalty perks

- Post-purchase follow up

- Re-engagement prompts

- Referral programs

- Replenishment emails

- Surprise and delight

- Feedback forms

- User spotlights

There you have it - 44 growth-driving ecommerce marketing tactics to take your online store to the next level! From driving targeted traffic to boosting conversions and retention, you're now armed with savvy strategies to increase sales and stand out from competitors. I know it seems like a lot, but just tackle them one step at a time.

The key is tracking your results and doubling down on what works best for your business. Soon you'll be growing faster than you ever imagined! Remember, consistent action is key. So get out there and start testing these ecommerce growth tactics today. Let's get going! Your online empire awaits.

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